Jordan Hiles

  • For always being available and  showing up at a moments notice, never complaining, and always going the extra mile to get the job done.

Dan & Jen Cordell

  • For loaning CCP the tools to get started and always being supportive and ready to help where they can.

Aaron Of Aaron's Landscaping

  • For allowing us the use of his tractor and chainsaws and being supportive of CCP and myself. 

Amy Poe

  • For her loyalty and support of CCP  and myself from day one.

Terry Scott

  • For always being a loyal supporter of CCP and allowing the  use of his boat.

Angelia Strine

  • For just putting up with me.......

Mark Butler

  • For taking time out of his busy schedule to be the treasure and a loyal supporter of CCP.

Tresha Rosenberry

  • For believing in CCP and our mission enough to join the board and strive to make a difference 

Megan Messner

  • For supporting  CCP , printing our  tshirts, and giving us the best deal around.

Elvis & Stephanie Wagaman

  • For their support of CCP and donating a very nice canoe..